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Sauna and wellness area

Laaser steam bath – gentle sauna variation, inhalation, care of skin
The temperature in a steam bath is between a pleasant 38°C to 55°C with a very high humidity of 100%. The damp warmth and the high humidity free the respiratory system, open the pores of your skin and your body begins to perspire. Moreover, finishing with hot and cold showers or cold immersion baths improves the blood flow to your skin, strengthens your immune system and stimulates your metabolism. Your body will be detoxified in a healthy and especially gentle way and reduction of fat boosted.
With a balanced programme of saunas including cooling-off and rest periods between visits to the sauna your muscles and joints can be improved overall and simple rheumatic illnesses relieved. By adding essential oils our steam bath is especially suitable for inhalation therapies as well. Compared to the hot air of a sauna, the lower temperatures of a steam bath are recommended particularly for any circulation problems. A sweating cure is effective not least from a cosmetic point of view as your skin becomes more tender and softer through the cleansing effect.


Infrared cabin – relief for joint complaints, decrease in weight, detoxification

Infrared rays are electromagnetic waves that create a pleasant warm feeling in your body. Infrared radiation penetrates deeply into your skin, warms your body from inside and ensures an improved oxygen intake of the cells through the depth effect. In addition this treatment stimulates blood circulation to your skin and detoxifies your body.


Finnish sauna – high temperatures, dry indoor temperture, detoxification
The Finnish sauna is a traditional sauna variation that enhances detoxification of your body, stimulates circulation and blood flow and strengthens your immune system by high fluid loss at a temperature of approx. 85 to 95 degrees Celsius and a humidity of about 10 to 30.


Herbal sauna – mild indoor temperature, inhalation, stimulation of metabolism
A herbal sauna is a low-temperature sauna with a special herbal loyly, such as camomile, eucalyptus, mint and lemon. The essential oils have a beneficial and stimulating effect on breathing and skin. In the case of a herbal sauna the air temperature amounts to about 55 degrees Celsius, 50 to 65 humidity and therefore offers an ideal introduction for sauna beginners.

Kneipp pool – relief of vein problems, stimulation of cardiovascular system
Kneipp therapy is regarded as the centre of modern naturopathy. Its founder, Father Sebastian Kneipp (1821 - 1897), developed the Kneipp cure as a holistic therapeutic procedure based on five pillars. In doing so, the five components refer to the natural amenities known to us such as water, plants (herbs), exercise, nutrition and orderliness.

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